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What are the benefits of a property swap ?

There are many people around the world who either want to return to their home country, or simply want to relocate to another area or country. Likewise, there are many people who would like to make the move abroad, but frustratingly can't, because they are waiting for that elusive buyer.

Most people have heard of swapping homes for a 2 week holiday in another country, but with the worldwide property market now going into a state of stagnation, many people are taking this option, but on a permanent basis.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of a permanent property swap:

No chain

In a conventional sale, your move could depend on any number of other people's sales - if any one of them has a problem, or gets cold feet the chain collapses, and everyone is left high and dry.

In a swap, you're only dependant on the other owner, so there's less chance of things going wrong.

Reduced transfer and foreign exchange costs

In buying a property abroad, you can find youself paying quite large sums to convert your money into a foreign currency, and transfer it the sellers bank. These will often be a percentage of the amount of money involved, so the more money you move, the more it costs you.

In a property exchange, you will be moving a much smaller amount of money so you could save yourself most of the fees.

Avoiding Agent Fees

You can save on agent's fees by listing your property here, and selling or swapping privately.

Of course, you can still use an estate agent if you want the extra support, and we would actually recommend this. An estate agent can act as an intermediary between yourself and the other party, and help guide you through the whole process. Even with the smoothest of transactions you may be glad of the extra support and advice a professional can offer. If your property is currently listed with an agent, then why not ask them to contact us today.

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